Discover the Power of Partnership with Leon Capital Group

Leon is a collective of exceptional individuals driven by a shared mission—to transform bold ideas into remarkable realities.

Who We Are

Leon Capital Group: Pioneering Contrarian Leaders

At Leon, we relentlessly pursue contrarian opportunities and go beyond being mere “investors” by actively conceiving, developing, owning, and operating best-in-category businesses. We have the investment flexibility to shift between real estate asset classes, geographies and positions in the capital stack as we perceive risk-reward dynamics to be evolving.

Our Company, Proprietary Capital, & No Distractions

Leon is a holding company that operates assets in the financial services, healthcare, real estate, and technology industries. Leon is not a private equity fund; it operates as a family holding company overseeing $10 billion of private capital.

Redefining Private Investments, Outshining Private Equity

Private equity funds, once a disruptive force, have become a lackluster model. The excessive reliance on massive funds, exorbitant management fees, and short-termism has led to underwhelming returns.

In stark contrast, Leon emerges as the superior alternative to the fund model in every industry. We differentiate ourselves by investing our own capital alongside entrepreneurs, acting as partners who compound shared equity value. Leon’s long-term view allows us to be unencumbered by artificial deadlines and constraints imposed by the cycle of raising and returning private equity funds.

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