The Firm

We are entrepreneurs and creative problem-solvers, focused on lasting partnerships, and maximizing value over time.


Who We Are

Leon is neither a private equity fund nor a traditional family office. Our focus on value creation has put us in a position to use our own capital to grow businesses of all sizes in a range of industries with a focus on our passion for building long-term platform investments. Our permanent capital base allows us to invest in companies for a long period of time, which underpins our buy to build strategy as opposed to a traditional private equity model of buying to sell – buying to build is a philosophy we have had since inception. Our history over the last 15 years has led to work on ~800 transactions representing ~$10 billion of equity value, which has provided us with the experience to navigate nearly every situation.

The benefits we enjoy from our permanent capital base include:

  • Long hold periods to compound value free of transactional friction costs and to invest for long-term value creation
  • A strong focus with deep expertise on maximizing after-tax returns for our partners and ourselves
  • Agile and flexible processes which allow for speed and certainty for our partners and counterparties
  • Optimizing for the long-term allows us to do what’s best for the business, not a management fee, not a short term transaction

A Story of Growth and Innovation

LCG establishes over 100 new partnerships and investments annually across its platforms


Over $7BN of value created and developed across multifamily housing, industrial, and opportunistic investments in the Southern U.S.


Inception of real estate credit initiatives; post financial crisis, originated bridge senior debt of $1BN to bridge the gap in the real estate credit markets


Logistics development platform across the U.K. and European Union with $4BN of development and acquisitions to date.


Leon begins to invest outside of real estate with positions in veterinary care & diagnostics, as well as early-stage venture investments


The premier digital marketplace linking commercial real estate buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants through intelligence products that offer real-time transaction data.


Innovators in salon suite development and operations, leveraging seamless technology and top- tier services to provide a superior tenant experience for over 1.5 million annual customers


First to integrate pediatric dentistry, oral surgery, and orthodontics; grew to $2BN+ valuation, with 254 clinics across 25 states, and ~3,000 employees.


Leon structured credit group focuses on distressed debt, structured credit, middle market direct lending, and special situations; dedicated credit investment vehicles for real estate and healthcare


Leading Ophthalmology, Optometry, and Surgical Centers across the Southeastern United States


First to recognize the scalability of life-changing dental implants, building Frontline into the largest dental implants provider in North America.


Largest multi-brand operator of medspas in the United States.


Acquires healthcare properties across the United States that are leased by essential medical providers


Assembling a unique group of mental health providers representing key opinion leaders across outpatient psychiatry, neurostimulation, and other cutting-edge technologies.


Expanding access to cardiology care across underserved Texas markets by developing and managing physician clinics, labs, surgery centers, and hospitals.


LFN aims to be a national leader in wealth management and be the one-stop avenue for all client’s financial and ancillary needs.

Each Leon Company Focuses on the Following

Think like an Immigrant

Our founder is an immigrant, always different from the established incumbents in every industry that he invested in. Rooted in this immigrant mentality, we believe in the value of hard work and the concept that anything is possible. Our model incubates great ideas, embraces opportunities, and drives success through collaboration.

Long Term View

We understand that investments in businesses often require more time to yield substantial returns. With our longer-term perspective, we can navigate the trajectory of our partnerships with patience and strategic foresight. This extended horizon allows for greater alignment and sustained growth.


As a privately held company, Leon is able to evaluate changing circumstances and adapt to them. Artificial imperatives and constraints have no place in Leon. We remove unnecessary limitations, allowing opportunity to flourish.


Second only to adaptability is agility. Unlike convoluted layers of fragmented decision-making, Leon’s approach emphasizes simplicity and clarity. We cut through unnecessary complexities, ensuring smoother processes that benefit business owners and partners.

Be Contrarian

At Leon, we relentlessly pursue contrarian opportunities and go beyond being mere “investors” by actively conceiving, developing, owning, and operating best-in-category businesses.

“In partnership, value is unleashed. I believe in backing ideas that create prosperity for stakeholders, and making sure they’re reliable and resilient for the long haul.”

– Fernando De Leon, Chief Executive Officer

Values and Vision

Unlocking the Uncommon, Our Formula in Action.

At Leon, our formula may not be surprising, but it’s rare to witness it in practice. Our unique model maximizes capital growth efficiently, creating a strong foundation for success.


We believe in the meritocracy of ideas. We foster a culture where ideas thrive based on their merit, creating an environment that values innovation and creativity.


We equitize value creators, and align with our partners on what we believe in, enabling businesses to thrive, while benefiting from our expertise and support.


We view capital as more than just numbers on a balance sheet. It’s a testament to the trust we share with our partners. We have as much at stake as you do, ensuring our incentives are pure and focused on long-term value creation.