Patient Capital – Specialty Finance

Rising Cost of Capital Creates a Unique Opportunity To Start a Specialty Finance Company

In specialty finance, compelling opportunities always exist in the gaps between traditional definitions of market participants or asset types. Launching efforts to serve these underserved or mis-served customers is best timed when a particular asset type or situation exhibits fatigue in longstanding practices, attachment points, or back-leverage. We believe skilled specialty credit managers have such an opportunity today resulting from the rising cost of capital over the past 24 months.

Today, every market in which consumer lending is offered at the point of transaction is suffering from a combination of lower-than-normal approval rates, rising merchant and consumer fees, or lenders exiting altogether due to higher than underwritten delinquencies. Collectively these forces can be highly detrimental to acceptance rates for procedures, services, or products for credit-worthy customers.

At Leon Capital, we have launched a specialty finance business, focused both on finding unique synergies with our current portfolio of partners and expanding offerings to third party originators and service providers. Armed with new technology and combined with the right team and a unique distribution network, we are excited to support more customers and prime borrowers at reasonable yields.

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