Leon Ventures

Investing in innovative and entrepreneurial individuals while liberating projects from unnecessary limitations, allowing them to flourish and reach their full potential.

Investing in Technologies and Companies that Reshape How We Interact with the World Around Us

Technology is a force that simply overpowers any inefficiency that’s in its way. We invest in companies and products that not only add value to our other strategies, but have their own strategic plan.

Our Tech Investments


Current is a financial technology company that offers mobile payments, online banking, and financial services.

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Core Scientific

Cultivating an eco-conscious infrastructure featuring the most powerful and efficient mining machines in today’s market.

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PortalOne is an interactive entertainment company focused on game engine technology for Mixed Reality content that delivers a gaming entertainment experience with stunning visuals and next-level interactivity. It offers cool games, spectacular shows, and real prizes all in one seamless experience, directly on their mobile.

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Matchbook AI

Matchbook AI is an enterprise data integration, governance and management solution that delivers clean and relevant data across the enterprise. Clients actively using the platform to get relevant information and insights in real-time include Travelers Insurance, MasterCard, Intel and IBM among others.

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Hitch is a tech enabled marketplace that provides comfy, shared car rides between cities.

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